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Greece lives off tourism and after the Olympics, Athens got a new airport, new ring roads, new metro, new tram system, new trolleys, new buses, new telecommunications network, new power stations All together, direct investment in transport infrastructure as a result of the Olympic Games was A$370 million ($384 million), while indirect investment was approximately A$3 billion ($3.1 billion). Athens, host of the 2004 Summer Olympics, had transport issues that wer The total expenditure of the Olympic Games of Athens 2004, both operating and capital, regarding the Olympic, as long as the context, activities was finally equal to 11.274 billion €. Only the 20.1% of this cost was covered by private funding, all the rest being public subsidy. According to the OGGI classification Built as part of a £7billion project, they played host to millions of spectators, athletes and officials during the 2004 Summer Olympics in Greece. But now, ten years on, the state-of-the-art. Posters with the logo of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games are seen inside a hall at the Olympic sailing centre, which is now used as a marina, in the Agios Kosmas suburb, south of Athens

infrastructure as a means to accommodate the Olympics, but also examining the ways in which infrastructure is incorporated (or not incorporated) into the city. Using two case studies, Barcelona 1992 and Athens 2004, this thesis seeks to better understand the Olympic city, involving historical, political, and economic perspectives, all the whil infrastructure (including a new airport, an underground system, a fast ring road and gas-powered buses), the regeneration of coastal areas and the conversion of the Olympic Village into. A direct metro link between the airport and the city centre, where transfer to all other metro lines is already possible, is scheduled to be operational on 15 July, ready to serve the millions of visitors expected for the Athens Olympic Games in August 2004. Estimated eligible cost: 1,600 million euro; EU funding: 900 million eur The Olympic Games of 2004 will present a great opportunity for the rehabilitation of Athens and the Attica prefecture as a whole. Some infrastructure projects are already under way; together with Athens' international promotions during the coming seven years, these projects may help Athens enhance the proportion of the Greek tourism industry it claims

Athens Olympic transport legacies As the chosen host of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, Athens was thrust into an era of opportunity for the city and its transport systems. Similar to other mega events, the Olympic Games can provide the kick start to spur extensive urban transformations; whether that is for better or worse is left for evaluation in the years after the closing ceremonies The Olympic Games did finally return to Athens in 2004 after beating Rome, Cape Town, Stockholm and Buenos Aires for the privilege. No expense was spared in the hosting of the games with a cost to the Government of Greece of €8.954 billion The 2004 Athens Olympics cost nearly $11 billion by current exchange rates, double the initial budget. And that figure that does not include major infrastructure projects rushed to completion at. The Greek Summer Olympics of 2004 cost an estimated six billion pounds. 28 sports were represented at over 35 bespoke venues. A total of 301 medal ceremonies took places over a 16-day period. 10,500 athletes took part in the games from 201 National Olympic Committees. 45,000 people were volunteers throughout the games The new design features the Panathinaiko Stadium. The 2004 summer games were hailed as unforgettable dream games by IOC president Jacques Rogge, and left Athens with a significantly improved infrastructure, including a new airport, ring road, and subway system

At the 2004 Summer Olympics, the athletics events were held at the Athens Olympic Stadium from August 18 to August 29, except for the marathons, the race walks, and the shot put. A total of 46 events were contested, of which 24 by male and 22 by female athletes Without a doubt, the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and in the other four Olympic cities had a multiple impact on the Greek economy, on many levels and at various time periods. Figure 3.3: Basic infrastructure before and during the preparation period for the 2004 Olympic game The abandoned stadium that hosted the softball competition during the 2004 Athens Olympic Games is seen at the Hellenikon complex, south of Athens, on July 16, 2014. Ten years after Greece hosted the world's greatest sporting extravaganza, many of its once-gleaming Olympic venues have been abandoned while others are used occasionally for non-sporting events such as conferences and weddings Olympics & Tourism: Key factors brought by the Olympics Case of The Athens Olympics & Tourism: If you do them well, they will come: The Case of Athens • monumental mega-infrastructure improvements • general overhaul of hotels and new class of accommodations • improvements in the city's urban setting • aesthetic Improvements to Athens' classic architecture • a greener, cleaner Athens

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Athens' 2004 Olympics to identify the sport facilities and regeneration projects, which constitute the Olympic legacy and heritage. Based on that, an empirical analysis was undertaken, by collecting official documents about the 2004 Olympics, and conducting five semi-structured interviews with tourism/administrative officials. The finding Athens also got a new airport and a new metro, finished on the eve of the Olympics, which now carries more than 600,000 passengers a day And city officials estimated it built 50 years worth of infrastructure in the eight years ahead of the Olympics. This included £5billion spent on a ring road, a new airport and telecommunications.. Athens: Aug. 13, 2004 Philippe Desmazes/AFP/Getty Images As they watch the London Olympics, many Greeks may wonder how their country went from the international glory of the Athens Games in 2004. The 2004 Olympic Games lent a new, international image and role to Athens, albeit for a limited period of time. Under extraordinary pressure for the timely completion of projects and the organisation and management of the Games, special bodies were established to manage large-scale, urgent needs, smoothly and effectively

This will be demonstrated using the example provided by the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. In general infrastructure projects acquire economic value in one of two ways; by either increasing the productive capacity of a country, or providing a a service that the citizens of a the country are willing and able to pay for Transportation Lessons for Honolulu from Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games1 Four major transportation infrastructure projects were constructed for the Athens 2004 Olympics. All four were initiated, designed and completed roughly between 1996 and mid-2004. All costs are for construction; they d The year is 2004. Athens, the capital of Greece is hosting the Olympic Games for the first time in 108 years. Athens, to accommodate the needs of the XXVIII Olympiad, has altered the form of the city through major infrastructure projects

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  1. Hosting the event stimulated Greece to improve the number of green spaces in Athens, with over twelve million shrubs and bushes planted as well as 300,000 trees (WWF, 2004). Other efforts to..
  2. The birthplace of Socrates and Plato, home of philosophy and cradle of Democracy had the honour and responsibility, for the second time in modern History, to host the Olympic Games. Next to its timeless monuments like the Parthenon, the Agora and the Panathinaiko Stadium, Athens has built a modern infrastructure of great architectural and technological value
  3. All these different kinds of projects are planned and carried out under the supervision of different central and local authorities 9 coordinated by the Organizing Committee of Athens Olympics 2004: (a) Ministry of Culture, (b) Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works, (c) Municipality of Athens, (d) Prefecture of Athens and Pireaus, (e) Technical Chamber of Greece, (f) National Organisation for Tourism, (g) Agency Unification of the Archaeological Sites of Athens, to.
  4. The olympian task of developing and implementing the IT infrastructure for the 2004 Olympic Summer Games in Athens is proceeding at an athletic pace, as the Aug. 13 inauguration of the world's.
  5. Athens 2004 Olympic Games, athletic festival held in Athens that took place August 13-29, 2004. The Athens Games were the 25th occurrence of the modern Olympic Games. The 2004 Olympic Games returned home to Greece, birthplace of the ancient Games and site of the inaugural modern Olympics
  6. Despite a popular and successful Olympic Games, Athens 2004 left its mark on Greece. As the country began to struggle during the financial crisis of the late 2000s, the debt used to pay for the games began to weigh heavily on the Greek tax payers. Some experts suggested that the real cost to the country had been more in the region of €14 billion

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The current study aims at some qualitative data regarding the mosquito fauna of Athens and its surroundings after the Olympic Games of 2004, when substantial changes in the infrastructure resulted. 1.1 Olympic Games and Greek Tourism In 2004, Athens will be hosting the world's greatest sporting event: The Olympic Games. The place and the time are of considerable symbolic significance, as the Games return, early in the third millennium of the Christian era, to the land where they were born and to the city where they were revived in 1896 Rotting venues, shining infrastructure: Athens Olympics leave mixed legacy - 10 years later Nicholas Paphitis And Theodora Tongas, The Associated Press August 13, 2014 ATHENS, Greece - In an obscure corner of a park sits a forlorn reminder that, 10 years ago, Athens hosted the 2004 Summer Olympics

Athens 2004 Olympic Games: Transportation Planning, Simulation and Traffic Management Even before the 2004 Olympic Games, Athens was a badly congested metropolitan area. This article describes how Athens planned and managed the transportation infrastructure to ensure that Olympic participants, spectators and workers could arrive and depart from their destinations with minimal delays Canoe/kayak center, 2004 Olympics Milos Bicanski/Getty Images The canoe/kayak slalom center from the 2004 Olympics in Athens, pictured on July 31, 2014

The 2004 games provided Athens with an opportunity to acquire world class sporting venues as well as to accelerate the completion of major infrastructure upgrades in transportation, telecommunications and othe According to the report, during the seven years since Athens won the 2004 bid to host the Olympics, the organizing authorities made no effort to integrate the environment in the planning mainly due to the fact that the IOC failed to enforce the environmental regulations enshrined in the Olympics charter Athens Medal Table. Track & Field. Boxing. Gymnastics. Swimming. Tennis. Team Sports. Archery. Badminton. Beach Volleyball. Canoeing. Canoe Slalom. Cycling. Equestrian. Fencing. Judo. Modern Pentathlon. Shooting. Table Tennis. Weightlifting. Freestyle Wrestling. Greco-Roman Wrestling. Yachting. New Events for 2008. Other 2004 Summer Olympic Games Champion

They can, of course, climb up to the Parthenon, but perhaps a better choice would be the overgrown Olympic tae kwon do, beach volleyball or softball stadia or the waterless Olympic swimming pools and canoe and kayak facilities. There, and at the majority of other arenas built for the 2004 Games, nothing remains but decay The Athens 2004 Olympic Games begin on August 13th, and 10,500 athletes, 21,500 media representatives and an estimated four billion viewers worldwide will be expecting to see immediate results and. A summary of the preparations and the operation of the Athens Doping Control Laboratory for the 2004 Olympic Games is presented. The preparations involved an upgrade of the laboratory infrastructure: staff, equipment, space, new analytical methodologies N2 - Through an event study methodology, the effect of the nomination of Athens as the hosting city for the Olympics of 2004 on the stock exchanges of Greece (winner) and Italy (loser), the two primary candidates for the Games is examined. Academic literature suggests that sporting mega events have a positive contribution to the host area economy But how far did the 2004 Olympics contribute to its current desperate The Olympics was back in Athens. The spending on infrastructure and organisation was declared to be around 8.5.

ATHENS—For Babis Bilinis, the legacy of the 2004 Athens Olympics is this depressing walk to the Aegean Sea. Carefully, first, across the four lanes of a road that still lacks the pedestrian. 2004 Olympic Summer Games venues in Athens . The new and renewed Olympic venues, along with the other infrastructure projects, is Greece's legacy from the 2004 Olympic Summer Games. The gave an important boost to sports in Athens Athens spent $15 billion hosting the 2004 Olympics. Taxpayers in Athens will continue to be assessed payments of approximately $56,635 annually until the debt is paid in full. Sydney paid $4.6. The venues themselves which were so far behind schedule were finished. The construction workers left and were replaced by gardeners, landscapers, trees, plants and grass and it is not only the Athenians who believe that Greece's miracle championship run in EURO 2004 Football was not the only miracle of the summer

At the 2004 Summer Olympics, the athletics events were held at the Athens Olympic Stadium from August 18 to August 29, except for the marathons, the race walks, and the shot put. A total of 46 events were contested, of which 24 by male and 22 by female athletes. Athletics at the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad VenueAthens Olympic Stadium Panathenaic Stadium Streets of Athens Stadium at Olympia Dates18-29 August 2004 Competitors from 197 nations ← 2000 2008 Athens 2004 XXVIII Olympiad. The 2004 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad, were celebrated in Athens, Greece, from August 13 to August 29, 2004. 11,099 athletes competed, some 600 more than expected, accompanied by 5,501 team officials from 202 countries Athens, Athens, Attica, Greece. Part of: 2004 Summer Olympics. Coordinates: 38° 2' 24 N 23° 46' 49 E. Show coordinates on a map ITU Event: 2004 Athens Olympic Games • 25 - 26 Aug, 2004 • Athens, Greec

the Athens Games. The discussion is structured as follows: III.1 Identifying the economic impacts of the Olympic Games III.2 Evidence from past Games III.3 The Athens 2004 Olympics and the outlook for the Greek economy III.4 Summary and conclusions In Box 3.1, at the end of this article, we also take a look at how far economic and politica The Athens 2004 Olympics begin tonight, creating a moment in which Greece celebrates its past while showing the world that it has its sights set firmly on the future. These Games are a return home to the country that gave the world the Olympics and a coming-out celebration of a Greece that has made momentous [ Olympic Athletic Center of Athens. 5 July 2004 Premier projects. The Olympic Athletic Center of Athens (OAKA), is a sport facilities complex built in 1982 and refurbished for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games under a design produced by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Also known as OAKA, the complex is an articulated building system. The 2004 Summer Olympics (Greek: Θερινοί Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες 2004, Therinoí Olympiakoí Agónes 2004), officially known as the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad and commonly known as Athens 2004, was a premier international multi-sport event held in Athens, Greece, from 13 to 29 August 2004 with the motto Welcome Home

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Watch Bud Greenspan's Official Film of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games Athens 2004: Stories of... News Artistic Gymnastics. Pyon Kwang-Sun on the uneven bars during qualifications at Athens 2004 News Artistic Gymnastics. Mohini Bhardwaj of USA vaults during qualifying at the Athens 2004 Olympics Feature Water. The Athens 2004 domestic sponsorship programme ultimately exceeded initial targets by 57%, generating more than 300 million in domestic sponsorship of the Olympic Games and sponsorship of the Athens 2004 Olympic Torch Relay. The Athens 2004 sponsorship programme, with support from domestic sponsors and TOP partners combined, was the second larges Relive the full Opening Ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens (Greece) that took place in the Olympic Stadium in Marousi! The guiding themes of..

Athens is chosen as site for 2004 Summer Olympic Games; International Olympic Committee votes, 66 to 41, to hold games in country where ancient Games began in 776 BC and city were modern Olympics. The OAKA Sports Complex was the principal Olympic precinct for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. The complex includes the main Olympic stadium as well as six other venues. The masterplan for the precinct consolidates the urban complex of OAKA into a legible and vibrant place through the use of urban infrastructure and critical landscape. Athens has put the latest stage of its Olympic transport plan into operation with the opening of a new tram line. Hundreds of Athenians crowded stations along the route to cheer the first carriage on its journey. The 26-kilometre, T-shaped line will link the city centre with the southern seaside suburbs, where two major Olympic venues are located The abandoned stadium which hosted the beach volleyball competition during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games is seen at the Faliro complex south of Athens July 29, 2014

Watch the historic moment when the Team USA got defeated by Puerto Rico in Men's Basketball for the first time in sixteen years since the Olympics at Seoul 1.. The Athens 2004 Olympic Games, was scheduled from 13 to 29 August 2004 in Greece. More than 10,625 athletes were participated in there from 201 nations for attending 28 sports with 301 events featured. And that season, the United States was led in medal-list. Followed by China, Russia and Australia were 2nd, 3rd and 4th ranked in position In an obscure corner of a park sits a forlorn reminder that, 10 years ago, Athens hosted the 2004 Summer Olympics. Once a symbol of pomp, the marble theater is now an emblem of pointless waste in. In the context of 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Greece received the bid in 1997 and had almost 7 years to prepare for the event. After some initial delays and warnings from the IOC, ATHOC started to focus on major issues like infrastructure, television rights, accommodation, media services, accreditation, cleanliness, security, technology, ticketing, food and beverage services, and transportation

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  1. Athens 2004 Olympics 13 Collectors Countdown pin set NBC Media Olympic Pin Pins. $699.99. $14.99 shipping
  2. Olympics Return to Antiquity at the 2004 Athens Games More FILE - In this Aug. 13, 2004, file photo, the Olympic Rings are shown in flames in a pool of water during the Opening Ceremony of the.
  3. George Vecsey Essay discusses 2004 Olympic Games, which will be held in Athens (Greece) for first time since modern Games' inception in 1896; discusses history of Games and Athens and attention.
  4. Athens 2004. Ten Years Later the Olympic Infrastructure, the Cultural Olympiad and the 'White Elephant' Syndrome Panagiota Papanikolaou1 Abstract It is now ten years since the Athens Olympic Games in 2004 and questions remain as to how the Greek government has dealt with the Olympic legacy. It is true that the everyda
  5. In 2004 the Olympic Games returned to Greece, the home of both the ancient and the first modern Olympic Games. The Games Come Home. For the first time, a record 201 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) participated in the Olympic Games and the popularity of the Games soared to new heights as 3.9 billion people had access to the television coverage compared to 3.6 billion for Sydney 2000

Olympic Games, official report, 2004 Athens. GENERAL DATA OFFICIAL REPORT 2004 Title: Official Report of the XXVIII Olympia Buy Summer Olympics Athens 2004 Olympics Memorabilia and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many item ATHENS OLYMPICS 2004 - ATHENS OLYMPICS 2004 - OFFICIAL REVIEW - Hitta lägsta pris hos PriceRunner Jämför priser från 1 butiker SPARA på ditt inköp nu Athens 2004 president Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki said her team had made considerable progress with venues, transport infrastructure and the staging of test events. But she admitted tram and rail lines, the stadium roof, the swimming venue and improvements to the marathon course still needed addressing

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This includes a literature review on Athens' 2004 Olympics to identify the sport facilities and regeneration projects, which constitute the Olympic legacy and heritage. Based on that, an empirical analysis was undertaken, by collecting official documents about the 2004 Olympics, and conducting five semi-structured interviews with tourism/administrative officials The Athens 2004 Organising Committee (ATHOC) experienced difficulties, mostly associated with re-occurring negative media coverage. Media outlets were extremely critical of the slow pace of facility preparations and general infrastructure problems. During the Games, ATHOC had to confront several international media reports of low spectator turnout Share Men's 200m Freestyle 2004 Athens Olympics Analysis on LinkedIn By the time the Olympics came to Athens in 2004, Ian Thorpe and Pieter van den Hoogenband were already legends in the global. Sponsorship Report for Athens 2004 Olympic Games 1. 3 Athens 2004 Sponsorship Worldwide Olympic Partnership & Athens 2004section three he Athens 2004 Olympic Games brought worldwide Olympic sponsorship to new heights and enabled the TOP Partners to maximise their association with the world's greatest sporting and cultural event in a more meaningful way than ever before Apr 23, 2013 - Explore Joanne Hadjikonstantinou's board Athens Olympics 2004, followed by 806 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about athens, olympics, olympic games

  1. Athens to host 2004 Olympics. Athens Wins the 2004 Summer Games. 01:21 p.m Sep 05, 1997 Eastern LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuter) - Athens, founder of the ancient and modern Olympics, was on Friday awarded the right to stage the 2004 Summer Games. The Greeks, who failed in a bid eight years earlier when they applied to host the centennial Olympics in 1996, won in a five-way fight with Rome, Cape.
  2. Olympic Games, participation medals, 2004 Athens. GENERAL DATA OLYMPIC PARTICIPATION MEDAL 2004 Material: Bronze: Weight: 61 g
  3. A summary of the preparations and operation of the Athens Doping Control Laboratory for the 2004 Olympic Games was presented. The preparations involved the laboratory infrastructure upgrade: staff, equipment, space, new analytical methodologies. The operation of the laboratory during the Games created a major number of events in agreement with the International Olympic Committee's commitment.
  4. The ceremony was held at the Athens Olympic Stadium on 29 August. Around 70,000 people gathered in the stadium
  5. Photos Of The Abandoned Venues From The 2004 Athens Olympics. Tony Manfred. 2014-02-21T19:58:00Z The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an.
  6. Athens hosted the 2004 Olympic Games and made many improvements to infrastructure, including a new state-of-the-art airport and transportation links. This was carried out most likely, from fear that an incident similar to the 1972 Munich tragedy, may occur. More About Athens

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Athens (CNSNews.com) - \plain\lang1033\f3\fs23\cf0 Athenians woke up Friday to newspaper headlines warning that the Greek capital may miss out on hosting the 2004 Olympics.The newspapers played up Thursday's announcement by International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Juan Antonio Samaranch that the IOC has serious organizational\plain\lang1033\f3\fs23\cf0 problems that might put the Athens. May 20, 2014 - Explore Wendy's board 2004 Athens Olympics on Pinterest. See more ideas about athens, olympics, pin Find professional 2004 Summer Olympics Athens videos and stock footage available for license in film, television, advertising and corporate uses. Getty Images offers exclusive rights-ready and premium royalty-free analog, HD, and 4K video of the highest quality

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holding the 2004 Athens Olympic Games on the enjoyment of the housing rights. This review includes an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of the Greek housing market as well as the importance attached to housing or housing-related issues in the Greek candidature file The Olympic Stadium of Athens 'Spyros Louis' is located at Maroussi.It is the home field of three famous football clubs of Athens, namely Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and AEK Athens.The Greek government owns the Olympic stadium. Many important events took place in this ground including the opening and closing ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics, held on 13th August and 29th August respectively In six months the Summer Olympics will return to Athens, Greece, the birthplace of the ancient games on Mount Olympus and home to the first modern games in 1896. The Olympics have changed dramatically since the last time they were in that city. They have become a big business, attracting sponsorship from major multinational corporations, and their extensive financial investment is always.

Find 2004 Athens Olympics Medals table by Country,ranked by the number of gold, Silver, Bronze medals won by their athletes during 2004 Athens Summer Olympics Buy Athens 2004 Olympics Memorabilia and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many item Athens 2004 Olympic Games 14 - 21 August, Greece. DRAWS ; 14 Aug; 15 Aug; 16 Aug; 17 Aug; 18 Aug; 19 Aug; 20 Aug; 21 Aug; PODIUM ; TOURNAMENT WINNERS 2004 . MEN'S SINGLES 32 ENTRIES FROM 21 COUNTRIES. GOLD . Taufik HIDAYAT . SILVER. When the Olympics returned to Athens in 2004, they also returned to antiquity. The shot put events were even farther away, taking place in Ancient Olympia, about 120 miles southwest of Athens This study reveals a significantly positive effect on the Athens stock exchange (ASE) as a whole, as well as on infrastructure-related industries. Through an event study methodology, the effect of the nomination of Athens as the hosting city for the Olympics of 2004 on the stock exchanges of Greece (winner) and Italy (loser), the two primary candidates for the Games is examined

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August 24, 2004. 2004 Athens Olympic Games - Synchronized Swimming. This Doodle's Reach. This day in history. Find the perfect Athens 2004 Olympic Games Artistic Gymnastics Womens stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Athens 2004 Olympic Games Artistic Gymnastics Womens of the highest quality

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Athens 2004 Olympic Games Blog. Fan's eye diary featuring news and views on the games. Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games. Interactive maps, sports locations, venues, and stadium photographs. FITA - Archery at the Olympic Games 2004. Coverage from the international governing body of the sport. Find the perfect Athens 2004 Olympic Preparations stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Athens 2004 Olympic Preparations of the highest quality This story was transmitted in 2004 from the Athens Olympics. ___ Bronze is the best the American men's basketball team can do, and the reason is simple: They were beaten by a better team, Argentina The Design of The Athens Olympic Stadium: Santiago Calatrava's design of two triumphant arcs that carry the twin roof of the Athens olympic stadium, was a major addition to the Athenian skyline and symbolic to the city's entry into the 21st century. The roof, acting simultaneously at the cognitive and aesthetic levels, is the first attempt in Greece's modern history to enter into a.

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China crowned 2004 Olympic champions Athens, Greece, August 28, 2004 - World number three China pulled off a miraculous comeback from two sets down to beat Sydney 2000 silver medalists Russia 3-2 (28-30, 25-27, 25-20, 25-23, 15-12) and claim the ultimate prize - the gold medal - in a stunning final at the 2004 Olympic Games women's Volleyball competition in the Peace and Friendship. Four 2004 Athens Olympic medallists have been stripped of their medals after testing positive for anabolic steroids Athens 1896 Olympic Games, athletic festival held in Athens that took place April 6-15, 1896. The Athens Games were the first occurrence of the modern Olympic Games. The inaugural Games of the modern Olympics were attended by as many as 280 athletes, all male, from 12 countries. The athlete ATHENS 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES GREECE Hat Cap Official Logo Black NEW W/ Tags Adidas. Brand New. C $32.30. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From United States. Z S O J p Y o Q n M Q s o E r e Q M N d. Adidas ClimaCool White mens Large 2004 Olympic Team USA mesh sleeveless jersey. Pre-Owned. C $34.58 Hitta perfekta Athens 2004 Olympic Games Artistic Gymnastics Womens bilder och redaktionellt nyhetsbildmaterial hos Getty Images. Välj mellan premium Athens 2004 Olympic Games Artistic Gymnastics Womens av högsta kvalitet

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Many host cities prepare for the influx of athletes and Olympic-sized crowds by completely overhauling infrastructure and hastily the track which hosted the 2004 Olympics in Athens Olympic Games 2004 Athens - Swimming 200m Freestyle Mens Final - Ian Thorpe vs Michael Phelps. Chris Houstens World of Sports. 6:50. Olympic Games 1996 Atlanta - Swimming 100m Freestyle Mens Final - Alexander Popov wins Gold. Chris Houstens World of Sports. 14:55 Download this free picture about Olympics 2004 Athens from Pixabay's vast library of public domain images and videos

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